Monday, May 4, 2015

Age of explorers


Today I will be answering these questions

  1. Why were Europeans interested in coming to the "New World?"
  2. How would you compare and/or contrast the different colonial regions (New England, Middle, and Southern)? Think about each region's goods and services, their religious beliefs, and how they each interacted with the native people.

1. Europeans came to either start a new life or avoid persecution so they would start a new life some became farmers and some fishermen some even became wealthy from all the gold.



Wednesday, January 14, 2015

the land of stories

Welcome to my magnificent book Talk, today we will be talking about the land of stories 3. First you need to read the 1st one in order to get the whole story I highly recommend that.So Alex and Conner are in the fairyland land, Conner was in Germany so then he needs to find a portal he finds one and meets with his sister.Then there trying to save it from being invaded by the nepolians so they need an army they plead to the Troblins .Cant spoil the rest so find out your self in THE LAND OF STORIES.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2 Months later...

Finally we reach land I go to get a juicy fruit as I eat I see  eyes looking at me we decide not pull out our weapons

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 1 Chapter 3

I set my stuff in my bed and start going to the deck to get some fresh air how about you ready lad first order your name is know adrift.Two weeks pass we set sail and head off I think in the deck I wonder if I will make it back will I.Adrift!"We need ya crews getting crabby, talk them into that's what you were hired for" I head to the corner of the deck everyone shouting I want this I want that "EVERY ONE CALM DOWN"they hush to silence "we will be there soon I promise and if we don't I will pay you"I lied."Were we headed captain"I asked with questionable face  "where the sea takes us laddy""oh and have you seen the whole ship"

Daniels story
Kayds story

New year goals

Today there will be my goals for new years tell me about your goals on the comments below.

  1. Practice soccer 
  2. yolo on video games
  3. Eat takis
  4. Eat tamales

Start improving on my soccer skills they get rusty when you don't improve.
You can loose a game and your teammates can get mad at you.
Soccer can also improve your athletic skills and running skills.

How do I learn?

I really like when I do visual learning it helps me vision my work.When that happens I really would like directions repeated,rather read about it than hear it,posters really help me,when there telling a story or something I like to picture a picture in my mind.

Want to help me tell me about what you like on the comments down below.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 1

Day 1 Recruited
I kept asking "do you know who the captain is" no one answers because all the noise they made I loose my temper "EXCUSE ME DO YOU KNOW WHO THE CAPTAIN IS"."calm down boy" "Do you know who he is" I said in a frustrated voice.Your looking at him" "sorry sir i'm here for the flyer help wanted" Isaid in a nervous voice I stuck out the paper "well sunny today's your lucky day we set sail right know here have some rum" "no thanks I don't drink" "your guides will be