Friday, October 24, 2014

A Personal Narrative

Dear Readers,

Here is a story about a mountain game

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Today was the day it all started I was getting my jersey, on my shorts, my cleats, my shin guards, and my hope to win this first game we get in the car.We drive to the grassy field  at my school we meet my team there as we get warmed up.
”where are all the players” I ask
“where have you guys been”
they each woke up late.We ask if someone needs a ride “Hey phillip need a ride”
he responded “time to go to evergreen for your game” my dad said in a deep voice. It was littleton against the scorpions “dad are we there yet”
“we're close”
“dad please turn up the volume this is my jam”
and then we arrive. Our coach couldn't be there because he had an important meeting to attend to so his friend was our coach I saw Ms.V, Ms.Lloyd and my family.They put me as substitute I watch phillip play like a mad monkey plus I was really
nervous I didn't know if can play good all of sudden they call me in for the game Boom Boom I hear my heartbeat go like thunder Boom Boom It gets faster and faster then even more. .As I get on the field my family cheers me on I got on my spot I got the ball they get mean and ferocious at me I would get upfront little by little I get closer they pass it to me I try to shoot but no good so I do the corner kick I pass it to Jordan he tricks them and he shoots...and scores!!!!!!!Pass it to me I pass it back and then we leave and had a victory of 2 to 3 littleton we head back to school and drop off phillip but before that we drop phillip off we go to wendys to have a hamburger for a victory Phillip orders a baconator I get a deluxe so does my sis and my dad.We were done we hopped back in the car.Phillip and I start a conversation
“Hey did you see the other team they kept trying to trip us” I answer back “ Yes and when they kicked the ball purposely to bryan” “but I, I don't, I think he kicked on accident”Phillip replied to me in a like it was an accident voice “excuse me I think he did it on” “bye Joel’ “Wait what okay                 bye then?” we got home it smelled of sweet scrumptious food,nice smelly soap, and nice aromas. Then I went to the living room where I watched a movie the drifted me to a nice sleep But I didn't I went to my room and got into pajamas and thought about my next game well thats just another story to tell.Then everything was pitch black